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   Our President born and raised in the U.S.A, has been doing business in Asia since 1990 and has extensive business experience in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Japan. His experience outside of Asia includes the USA and Mexico, having over 12 years experience in Asia. In the Middle East including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

In 2004 The China Factory Ltd opened it's office in Madaba, Jordan.

Range of business:
Design, Manufacturing, Sourcing and Consulting. in Electronics, Plastics, Mechanical designs..

Additionally, We offer Consulting Services for those who wish to pursue manufacturing in Mainland China, purchase product or those who wish to sell their product here, but don't know where to start or who to trust. We can help you manufacture, purchase your product in China or setup your office or factory in China. 

Electronics, Plastics, Engineering

As well as our own factory we are affiliated with a number of other local factories that include PCB, SMD, Mold Making, Injection molding, etc. giving us a wide range of capabilities for manufacturing. This gives you a place for One-Stop-Shopping for your manufacturing, Design, and Sourcing needs.